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Base Package

Discover the magic of a captivating portrait.

Our base session includes 1 full hour of shooting in the setting of your choice, with an additional 15 minutes before and after for seamless setup and breakdown, ensuring your experience is smooth from start to finish. 

Whether celebrating your academic achievements, an engagement, or wanting to capture the perfect family portrait, our portrait package and creative direction covers it all. 

Easily review the images from your session through a private digital collection. From vibrant colors to impeccable lighting and framing, each image is carefully crafted and curated. 

But the journey doesn't stop there, unleash the full potential of your images with three included custom-retouched edits. From background cleanups and object removal to post-production hair and wardrobe fixes, our retouching services ensure a flawless final image.

So whether you're a graduating senior, getting ready to celebrate a big birthday, or a family in search of your next holiday photo, our portrait packages offer the perfect opportunity to celebrate you, while looking your best.  


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Portrait sessions can take place in a variety of locations. While some prefer being captured within the comfort of their own home or unique outdoor setting, others enjoy the luxury of a studio session with versatile backdrop and lighting options. Include your choice from the following options when booking your session.

Modern Interior Design

Home, Outdoor, or Space of Your Choice

Have your portrait captured within the comfort of your own home or outdoor space. Travel fee of $0.50 cents per mile may apply depending on total distance. 

Photography Studio Rental 

Fully equipped professional photography studio tailored to the needs of your session. Rates vary from $100 - $250 per hour depending on rental space and availability. 

MMP Home Studio Session

Join me as a guest in my home studio space with a variety of backdrop options to fit your needs. This budget-friendly option is included in the price of the base package. 

custom add-ons

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Additional Time

$100 per additional hour

Additional Retouched Images

$25 per additional image

Additional Location

$150 per additional location

Express Delivery

$100 for expedited delivery of images within 48 hours

Composite Image

$150 per image. Composite images involve blending multiple elements and layers together to create a seamless, unique final image. This add-on allows you to incorporate endless backgrounds, settings, effects, or any number of additional elements into your final image providing a dynamic and visually striking result.​

Custom Background or Props

Price varies depending on the needs of your session. 


Book with Montana Monardes Productions today to start planning your session:

  1. Additional Time:

    • $100 per additional hour

  2. Additional Retouched Images:

    • $25 per additional image

  3. Additional Location:

    • $150 per additional location

  4. Express Delivery:

    • $100 for expedited delivery of images within 48 hours

  5. Custom Background Setup:

    • $200 for a customized background setup (backdrop, props, etc.)

  6. Composite Image

    1. Composite images involve blending multiple photographs together to create a seamless, unique final image. This add-on allows you to incorporate different backgrounds, settings, or elements into your headshot, providing a dynamic and visually striking result.​

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